Friday, February 20, 2009

King Vs Beast

In our two quad tournaments held this week, Ezequiel THE BEAST Quinones unleashed a mighty attack on his opponents. In the quad held on Wednesday, Ezequiel went 4-0! Today, Ezequiel upset Rochelle and Mattheu but faced off against the KING PAREDES in the final round. Alexis, fresh off his 1900 smashing victories on Wednesday tamed the Wild BEAST in the final game. Ezequiel may be 1800? What a great job.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sixth Graders on Fire

David, Aleem, and Danny
At the tournament held last weekend at CES 70 in the Bronx, our sixth graders posted some impressive results!

Danny Feng won the reserve section in his first week playing in that section. His rating went up almost 400 points.

Other strong performers included Aleem Awan, gio Quinones and David Kim who all went 4-0 in the Novice section.

Shawn Swindell also posted a great performance at the Marshall u1800 tournament by winning all 4 games.

Next tournament will be the winter quads held on Wednesday at 9 am. Any player over 1400 is welcome to come and play in a rated quad